Monday, April 25, 2016

MotoVlog #3

I hope you enjoyed my last video cause' I'll be bringing lot's of content and exciting stuff to this video log. So I finally decided to install the LSL crash pads for my Ninja 300 that I bought last year along with the bike. Yeah I forgot to mention that I bought the bike right before winter in November 2015 from ATVrom. Winter Was Coming :) and didn't have the time then to get them on. So I'm off to get them drilled, yeah I mean drilling FFFREAKINN' holes into the bike. Don't worry guys, that's just how these get installed. If you ever plan on doing this, just go to someone that has a steady hand and works good. DO NOT GO SOMEWHERE CHEAP!!! We're talking about you're bike here, your baby... :) I met a fellow rider on the way to the service, and he had some loud double exhausts man. My bike was like a baby compared to that, so I'm thinkin' of getting a slip-on exhaust, maybe the Akrapovic one, Two Brothers or maybe Yoshimura. I also want to say a little somethin' about myself. My Name is Claudiu but I go by "EXE" anddd I'm from Bucharest, Romania, if you didn't hear about it just look it up on GMaps. It's in Eastern Europe. Anyway I ride a Kawasaki Ninja 300, it's my first real motorcycle!

Up till now I rode the following:

  • An awesome ??cc :)) moped with pedals

  • A Pocket Bike (Pro 49cc one made from Hard Aluminium)

  • An Ocean Blue Chinese 4 Stroke 49cc Scooter with an Alarm and everything.

  • But this is my first Real Bike, The Kawasaki Ninja 300

  • I also got a 125cc Quad

  • Which I sold and Got Me this 125cc Enduro Moto Cross

So stay tuned for more awesome action-adventure videos!!!

MotoVlog #2

Ok Guys so I'm off to a distant relative's baby shower somewhere in Alexandria, Teleorman County in Romania. I'm traveling along with my brother in law. He is the one with the dark green Opel Astra.  I have been making lot's of road trips to break in the engine but this was the first long one where I kind of revved up the engine a little bit more and had a lot of fun on the way. I also hit the 100 mph mark and it was still going hard :), so I guess it was the little Ninja that could. Well I hope you enjoy my first long trip on the bike. So yeah thanks for your support and see you next time!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

MotoVlog #1

Hello and Welcome to my Blog!!! Here you can find all my latest episodes from my Video Blog. So I ride the Kawasaki Ninja 300, 2015 model, going to get some gas for a little trip coming up, but it's freakin' wet everywhere. Also you're going to notice that there's a strange girl hanging around. I went to the gas station, got it all filled up and when I came back she was still there waitin' 4 somethin' :). Well I really hope you enjoy the video and if you like it don't forget to like & subscribe for more!!!